Hello, world!

Here is the first issue of this newsletter. You can find me writing about topics that interest me here. I will occasionally send a picture or two, maybe some songs I'm listening to.

Talking of listening, I really enjoyed Tom Odell - Another Love (Live), but this week, Actual Life from Fred Again.. was on repeat.

I also bought some Polaroids because I got a good deal, I think that I'm slowly getting addicted to instant photography... Oops...

Last week I started watching the third season of "The Morning Show". On the spot, I can only say the references to Elon Musk are on the heavy side. No spoilers, tho!

I also enjoyed some reads:

  • The UNIX HATERS Handbook made me giggle a bit;
  • I finished reading Melück, Maria Blainville by Achim von Arnim. I didn't find it really pleasing, maybe a bit bland. Let's say I'd not suggest it to a friend;
  • I started reading Heauton Timorumenos because my friend Elisa lent it to me.

Oh, I reworked the photo gallery on my personal website and implemented this newsletter from scratch. I think I'll blog about both soon.

I'll close off with a toot (lol mastodon) about the state of modern desktop. Yeah, I hate it.

Feel free to respond to this email!